Let  C.A.A.D. help!

Feel uncomfortable with that new computer?

Not sure what to do with the software program you just bought?

Or do you know how to do it but just don't have the time?

We enjoy just showing you the basics, whether it be how to turn on your computer or how to start using a software program.

Let  C.A.A.D. save you money! We specialize in:

Database Design and Development

Spreadsheet Applications

Webpage Services

Computer Awareness & Application Development

The Goal!

Webpage Services

Just starting out and want to have your own website? Already have a website and would like to have it revamped? Tell us what you envision for your site and we will help to get you started or updated to current design ideas. We offer support, upkeep and design including Graphics and Java.

C.A.A.D. Supported Sites

Meadowlark Therapeutics
Medistones are polished dome and triangle agate stones for massage. Medistone Therapy utilizes heated stones in an active full-body massage.

Quickangle, Inc.
Quick Angle   is the user friendly tool of the New Millennium!  Quick Angle   is a multipurpose tool that can be used to find angles, draw circles up to 26 inches, measure and mark notches and cut-outs, scribe a line, find and mark the center of a circle, and determine the pitch of a roof.
"Our Mission is to provide high school students a last chance to graduate on time from their own high school."
An Internet Based Credit Accrual Program for High School Students

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Database Design and Development

A database is one of the most useful tools for accumulation and output of data. Any information you now accumulate by hand, or wish you could accumulate for analysis or comparison purposes can be stored in a database. You can sort, calculate, analyze and print the data. Microsoft Access takes this one step further with its user friendly environment. Once the basic formats are initiated, even the novice can create output beneficial to any number ofcompany personnel.

Utilizing Microsoft Access Database management, C.A.A.D. can implement applications useful for all offices. With a user friendly environment designed specifically for your business needs, you will be able to accomplish time consuming data lookup in a fraction of the time you now spend.

You will be able to:
  • Retain your data and analyze it for past, present and future business needs
  • Query information in any number of different ways, choosing what you want to see
  • Print reports or export data to other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus 123 Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word, etc.

We can show you how to:
  • Create your own data lookup (queries) based on current situations
  • Print your own custom reports based on the queries you have created
  • Export any data for use in other applications

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Spreadsheet Applications

Many companies have spreadsheet software, whether it be Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, Quattro Pro or any of the many other spreadsheet packages. These applications normally are "under used", meaning that they are capable of performing a great deal more than the average office personnel either realize or have time to develop.

C.A.A.D. will design and implement simple to complex spreadsheets, which will be beneficial in the collection and calculation of data for your needs. We will create user-friendly spreadsheets, which will present timesaving features to decrease hours of time involved in the collection of data and will increase the potential for accurate, concise data.

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The Goal
Increase Efficiency, Decrease Labor Costs, Enjoy your Computer!

Application Design and Development

C.A.A.D. will help to determine the most efficient methods and software for your present and future needs

C.A.A.D. will perform the initial design and preparation of input necessary to implement your system

C.A.A.D. will train end users how to become self-sufficient in the use of the system

C.A.A.D. will monitor the progress of your system

C.A.A.D. will prepare reports to analyze your data.

C.A.A.D. will provide consultation for your computer needs, including recommendations for software and hardware updates.

Computer Awareness

C.A.A.D. will install your computer and software - or - train you to do it

C.A.A.D. will train you in Windows basics - help you to get started using that computer

C.A.A.D. will train you in Internet and Email basics - you'll be surfing the net in no time at all!

C.A.A.D. will perform routine maintenance on your computer to keep it running smoothly - or - train you to do the maintenance

C.A.A.D. will show you how to have fun with that computer!

The End Results

Timely, Accurate Reporting!

Employee Contentment!

Lower Costs!

Being able to say "Hey, I'm a computer nerd!
   And I Love It!!"

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